Eventful is a social networking site that allows loose or formal groups to create gatherings. Groups can be based on physical location, interests, subjects, and events.

You can create groups or join groups that you have interest in. You can search through the many groups that are available through a system based search engine.

To use Eventful, you first need to set up a user account. To register, click on the top right register link. Registration requires an email address, username, password, zip code, and year of birth. You must accept the terms of service. It takes about a minute.

Once you have registered you can begin to create and/or join groups. To join a group, find a group you are interested in. Towards the right top corner of the screen, you will see a button labled "Join this group". Once you are a member of a group you may post events to that group.

Eventful also allows you to generate a "widget" that you can post on your own site. This widget will pull an RSS feed from the group you are interested in and display those results on your site. From that widget you can subscribe to the RSS feed or pull data directly into iCAL.

We've integrated a widget into this site to follow events from the nonprofits in secondlife members.

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How is it different or better than Upcoming.org?

I am wondering how it differs from upcoming.org?

Eventful seems to be far

Eventful seems to be far superior to Upcoming, unless I am missing something.

Eventful receives a direct feed of events from the official SL events database. So this includes all the SLURLS and full event descriptions of thousands of SL events. Super useful.

Does upcoming even have SL as a location in their calendar?



Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.