Spammers have been posting inappropriate comments on our blog posts. Should we...

Let it go, who cares about spam.
0% (0 votes)
Block all comments!
0% (0 votes)
Moderate comments. I can wait for what I have to say to be posted.
45% (5 votes)
Verify users, and then let them post comments at will.
55% (6 votes)
Total votes: 11


Can we take this off the top of the blog please?

Ten days is plenty. It's distracting from other more relevant blog posts.

thanks. - rik

Sure nuff. Done.

Sure nuff. Done.

well we're evenly split

well we're evenly split between 3 & 4. I voted for 4, simply because I know I don't want to spend time moderating/approving comments. If someone else feels they have the time I guess this is a safer method, but #4 seems less labor intensive, if maybe a little less effective.

4 is my preference as well.

4 is my preference as well.

haven't seen them

I haven't seen any of these. How bad/frequent is it? Are they ads or harassing comments?

They are enormous lists of

They are enormous lists of links to fake drugs and porno. Not stuff we want on the site. I've personally spent about 2 hours cleaning things up. Glit has also spent time.


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