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We blog about non-profit organizations and how they work in Second Life – to collaborate among themselves and with each other, engage with their publics, raise funds, teach, learn and further their real-world goals.

You'll find ideas, case studies, successes, failures and lessons learned. From the basics of SL to sophisticated tips, as long as it has a non-profit slant, it's welcome here.

If you're putting Second Life to work on behalf of the non-profit world, and you'd like to add your voice to ours, great! Check back soon for details.


Tech Soup Stock Donated HIPPA Solutions

HIPPA is Health Insurance Privacy Act that keeps your info secret. You can use """Apricot--Online data management tracking firm that increases productivity. They have a low operating budget about $125. You may qualify for donation. Contact rpowers@techsoupglobal.org SEE YOU AT 1:00PST

Health Issues Via Mobile/ Phone Health Information Panel[

Health Issues Via Mobile/ Phone Health Information Panel[Communications via Skype Video]: AIm is to improve the biomedical environment of research. Discussion Questions: We serve about 40,000 people a year via a tracking box. What are Best Practices? SL is community oriented. What is level of technical skill? People are getting help with SL community members here. At first its intimidating, but the more you play with it, the easier it gets. We are trying to help people quicker--need to put time into it.

How do you get started on NonProfits? Come to the meeting from 8:30-10:00PST and sit. IBM saved $320K in a SL Conference instead of flying people to the conference. Lindens believe in promotion--award went to Virtual Ability to help them do something--skydiver and another award was Wikiitecture.


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