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How to get the most out of Second Life for your non-profit

Most of my regular duties for Millions of Us revolve around -- one way or another -- building communities. I think non-profits involved in Second Life have an opportunity to really engage visitors and successfully evangelize their cause, not only using the platform as a mean to distribute information, but also as a means to form a network of support, raise funds, and provide experiental environments.

Meet Congressman Edward Markey In-World at the Virtual Bali Conference Tomorrow Dec. 11th

This year, Congressman Edward Markey (D-Mass.), Chairman of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, decided to avoid the carbon cost of flying and deliver his speech via Virtual Bali. Virtual Bali is the Second Life, carbon-friendly alternative to this year's UN Climate Summit (COP 13) meeting in Bali December 3-14th.

Alazar Fauna Speaks at NpCommons Meeting Today

Alazar Fauna

Here's transcript of remarks:

As it grows, and is ultimately sold to a consumer, this tag, with an anonymously numbered "I was Hugged" tag on it, This can be traced through an online database, so that the two parties, if they wish, can correspond about the tree, where it is planted, how it is doing, what it's name is etc.
This raises the love and awareness of our precious tree resources and is a social networking active way to further more plantings and raise the conscious of our citizens.

Community Profile: Jacques Macaire/Jacmacaire Humby of HUMANBE

1. What is your rl/sl name? Can you point to RL photo?

My RL name is Jacques Macaire / and in SL jacmacaire Humby.. Our office #14 is the Non Profit Commons Island

2. What organization are your representing? What is your role?

Take a Virtual Trip to Bali December 3-14

UN Virtual Bali Conference

Want to participate in the annual international conference of parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) without the virtual cost of flying? This year you can with OneWorld's's Virtual Bali Conference.

Fundraiser dance party for equine therapy center on December 16


My friend Veri Oddfellow passes along the news about a Second Life fundraiser party for a neat cause called Great Strides. Great Strides is a Maryland-based therapeutic center that employs horses to help people with mental disorders.  On Sunday, December 16, from 11am-2pm PST, DJ Nexeus Fatale will be the featured entertainment during the Great Strides charity dance party at AMO Island in Second Life (click here to teleport).

Nexeus always spins a great set, and it sounds like a really cool center.  So drop on by and drop a few lindens in the donation box.  The full announcement after the jump...

World AIDS Day events in Second Life December 1st


HIV/AIDS has affected all of us in deep and personal ways, and the race for a cure continues.  I am thinking about my friend John, a wonderful artist with the most biting wit, who passed away from AIDS-related health issues about four years ago now. 

December 1st is World AIDS Day, and there are a number of events happening in Second Life and well as of course in the real world. HealthInfo Island (click here to teleport) is sponsoring a number of activities around World AIDS Day starting at 9AM PST, including:

  • A Workshop on "Looking for Health: Finding Quality HIV/AIDS Information by Carolina Keat"
  • Special displays and newsfeeds on HIV/AIDS
  • An AIDS Walk with information about HIV/AIDS Support Groups in SL
  • Podcasts on AIDS by the Center for Disease Control in the Podcast Globe
  • A guided tour around the Island
  • Live coverage of the Teen Grid Event

In addition, DenmarkCopenhagen sim (click here to teleport) is hosting a fundraiser party from 2PM PST to raise money for the World AIDS Foundation. Their goal is to collect L$ 50,000 in one day, so come on by and drop some lindens in the bucket.

And for you teens out there, there will also be activities on the SL Teen Grid.

Demo for the US Department of State

This morning, the members of the Nonprofit Commons demo'd SL for the US Department of State. Bill May (Serotta Keynes in SL) works in public diplomacy, as the Senior Technology Advisor. He invited the Public Diplomacy's Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau (the vast majority of their work is conducted through the NGO community) to shoulder-surf while he introduced the members of the Nonprofit Commons to them.

Social Work Educators and SL

Social Work educators Drs. Bob Vernon from Indiana University (SL: Gabrielli Rossini), Darlene Lynch from Ball State University (SL: Helene Stransky), Paul Freddolino from Michigan State (SL: Raoul Congrejo) Lorrie Gardella (SL: Sunny Bamaisin) from St. Joseph College and Susan Tenby from Techsoup (Glitteractica Cookie) presented a panel discussion on using SL with social work students at the Council on Social Work Education’s conference on October 28th.

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