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Support Burma in Second Life: Red T-Shirt and Vigil on Commonwealth Island


Attended the Nonprofit Commons and there was a T-Shirt giver and I got my virtual T-Shirt.  There's also a vigil being held today organized by the Peacemaker Institute on Commonwealth Island.  Here's the information on the notecard:

Update on "Pink for Life" mixed-reality breast cancer charity event


Wow, there is like a ton of in-world activity going on around cancer lately.  Here's yet another cancer-related benefit coming up in October.

Yogi Huldschinsky, the organizer of an upcoming charity event entitled "Pink for Life," contacted me regarding some changes to their mixed-reality event, which I have blogged about previously.  "Pink for Life" is a benefit for the Institut Gustave Roussy, a prominent French breast cancer research center, taking place October 9-10. 

First of all, Yogi tells me that they succeeded in getting the permission of several real world luxury brands to reproduce their products in Second Life for auction.  (So that's not a knock-off virtual Prada bag, honey!)  Also they will no longer be holding a virtual auction, and instead will be giving away pink ribbons and asking for linden dollar donations. SL designers are still asked to "lend" pink objects for display, but they won't be up for sale or auction.

Oh yeah, they are also looking for models to strut their stuff on the runway with the donated goods. 

Hit the jump for the complete announcement or go to

New Events sign/calendar at NPC landing point

I just discovered that the new events committee of the Nonprofits in SL group, also known as the Nonprofit Commons community has created a calendar/sign post. This was very exciting to me since this is something that I have wanted to have in-world for a while now.

Global Aid Foundation seeks non-profit partners to manage shared island in Second Life


I received this appeal from the Global Aid Foundation for help in keeping their sim Castella (teleport SLURL) alive:

Global Aid Foundation has diligently been trying to establish a base of operations for our organization and to serve as well as a platform for other NGO's. After almost a year of presence in SL and our efforts in offering free space for organization to showcase their services, the response has been minimal. At this point we will like to share with other NGO's our islands; we seek to share the tier cost in exchange; we will be willing to subdivide. We can me modify our islands to suit any needs or projects. Currently there is a conference center with a nice beach with surf and decorating flora all over around, as well as some rides.

For further information or to arrange for an inworld meeting, contact Christine Dobush at

Meet PCOSGurl Infinity

PCOSGurl Infinity/Ashley Tabeling

Tell me about your organization

French humanitarian group Première Urgence sets up shop in Second Life


I just got a press release from the French humanitarian aid group Premiere Urgence.  According to their mission statement, they "engage in concrete and direct actions to assist victims put in danger, marginalized and excluded by the effects of natural catastrophes, war, civil actions, and conflicts based on economic collapse due to political changes internationally or nationally." In 2006 alone, 1.2 million people in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia benefited directly from actions by Premiere Urgence.

As part of their 15 year anniversary, Premiere Urgence is establishing a virtual headquarters in Second Life.  They see their SL space as a means to spread the word about their work, raise funding support, provide opportunities for people to volunteer for one of their humanitarian missions, and keep up to date on their work through news updates, photos and video from their work around the world. 

Head to Porcupine sim (teleport SLURL) to check out their HQ.  The complete announcement (in French) follows...

American Cancer Society grand opening in Second Life this Sunday


The American Cancer Society is holding an official dedication and grand opening event for its new headquarters in Second Life (Teleport SLURL) on Sunday September 23.  The festivities start at 12 noon PST with opening speeches by representatives of the ACS, the SL Relay for Life, a cancer survivor, and a doctor.  This will be followed by tours of the sim, readings, a fashion show, and live music by FinalSago Sodwind, Kim Seifert and Silas Scarborough.

It's a beautiful island, centered around a Hope Tree that gives off little sparks that float gently around the island. Cancer is a disease that effects everyone at some point.  Having a virtual space for people to find support, information and community is wonderful and powerful.

The full schedule follows after the jump...

Gone Gitmo Launches on Monday, September 17th at 10:30 AM PST

USC Institute for Media Literacy and the Seton Hall School of Law will be launching on Monday a "Virtual Guantanamo" to focus on public policy issues surrounding

Kiva in Second Life: Interview With Official SL Volunteers

Second Life volunteer: Julles Boucher, a micro-finance organization, has funded nearly 17,0000 loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries and last week crossed the $11 million rank. has already had a very big year, funding about $9 million worth of loans so far, and having been featured in the mainstream media including the Wall Street Journal and on ABC News.  With the assistance of dedicated volunteers, Kiva also maintains a presence on different social networking sites and has recently established a presence on Second Life through the Techsoup Nonprofits Commons Project


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