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CNN, YouTube, and Tweets

What a curious thing the Democratic debate this afternoon ended up being. I was unable to watch them live, needing to be at work to earn a living, but found out via Len Edgerly on Twitter that baratunde was sending out live tweets covering the goings on. So, when I got home this evening, I followed the Twitter streams of baratunde and Len to get a sense of what happened.

Nonprofits Celebrate New Home in Second Life: Nonprofit Commons Grand Opening

Event is tonight at 5:30pm, SLT/PDT! In case you can't get into the Plush Nonprofit Commons, the overflow sim is at SLurl:


Contact: Susan Tenby,
Phone: (415) 633-9333
SL avatar: Glitteractica Cookie

San Francisco Meets the Metaverse: 32 Nonprofits and their supporters will host a grand opening celebration Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at 5:30 p.m. PT/SLT, in their new locations at the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life.

Transcript from Bluewave Ogee's Talk from Jully 20th Meeting

Talking Point Notes for Bluewave Ogee's Brief Talk on Friday July 20 at Weekly Meeting of the Nonprofit Commons:

"Thanks, Everyone, for letting me talk a little about what's still an
emerging effort with our group, the Non-Profit Global Network (NPGN). Like many of you, it's taking longer than anticipated! :-)

We got a weekly column in the Metaverse Messenger!

we now have a weekly column in the Metaverse Messenger, so please send me your in-world activities, and I will be sure to promote them.

Check out page 16

For next week's column, I will be talking mostly about our grand opening event. If anyone wants to help me write the weekly column, let me know!



Skitch is a cool application that can work online with mySkitch--an online image sharing system. You need an invite to get a beta copy of Skitch.

BlogHers in Second Life

The BlogHer Conference is taking place in Chicago on July 27-29th. There will also be a conference in Second Life.

Here's the schedule

On Friday, July 27th, there is a session that is of interest to those who work with nonprofits and second life:

Session #3: Getting It On(line) for a Cause
Audio to be streamed live from Chicago into island with Second Life discussion and panel to follow

Meebo-Another Multiple IM Tool

Meebo is a cool online application that allows you to log onto instant messaging without an instant messaging client on your computer. Meebo currently supports AOL, Yahoo, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber.


Adium X

I'm an instant messaging junkie. Mostly I use the IM in Skype but I can also be seen on the AOL IM platform through iChat. I know lots of folks that also use GoogleTalk, Yahoo's IM offering, and so forth. This means, in general, these folks will have many different IM clients open.

Adium (sound like a new cholesterol drug) allows you to access many services in a single client rather than having multiple windows open.

Change in the NPSL Host

Due to significant downtime on NPSL's old host provider, the Management team made the decision to move NPSL to Brownrice Internet, a hoster that I am very familiar with. Brownrice has agreed to host NPSL for free. If you want to let them know that you appreciate the donation, let me know and I'll pass your comments onto the President of the company.

Please let me know if you see any strangeness on the site. Migrations rarely go perfectly (check out this COMMENT for an example) so help me out and send me a note if you see something broken.


Creech Antwerp/Matthew Saunders

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Second Chance Trees a finalist in Amex $5 million challenge

Paul Young of Converseon sends news that the Second Chance Trees initiative has been selected as one of 50 finalists in a competition sponsored by American Express called "The Members Project." Second Chance Trees is an effort to raise awareness about and funds for rainforest re-forestation around the world.  Second Life residents can purchase virtual trees in a lush rainforest setting for L$300 (about one US dollar), which funds the planting of a real tree in a rainforest somewhere i


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.

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