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iCommons Summit streamed to SL June 14-17

The iCommons Summit in Dubrovnik, Croatia brings together pioneers of the free Internet "to make sure that, at its crossroads, we guide the world along a path that will enable the kind of free culture and decentralized innovation that has characterized the early years of the Internet." The summit will occur in parallel in-world at the USC Annenberg Public Diplomacy Island (teleport SLURL).

MacArthur Foundation: Virtual World Event on philanthropy on June 22nd

MacArthur Foundation President Jonathan Fanton

On June 22nd at 9:00 AM PST,  Jonathan's avatar along with Second Life CEO Philip Rosedale  will lead a discussion with residents on the role of philanthropy in virtual worlds.

Who's Who in Virtual Worlds

Who's Who in Virtual Worlds! Find expertise, share expertise, meet others who are interested and working in virtual worlds, share ideas, make friends! This is a social network for colleagues working in a variety of virtual worlds to meet others and share experiences. Invite your friends and colleagues. Check it out.

Edited Chat Log and Submitted Questions at Virtual Activism Panel at Games for Change

virtual activism panel in SL
On June 11, 2007, about 30 avatars gathered in the Plush Non-commons Sim to participate in a mixed-reality event – a panel discussion on virtual activism with Glitteractica Cookie ofTechSoup, In Kenzo of Amoration, Jeska Linden of Linden Labs, and Beth Kanter as moderator. Rik Riel was the in-world moderator of the event, and Nexeus Fatale provided tech support.

"Virtual Activism" mixed-reality event today at 10:15AM in Plush Non-profit Commons


Just a reminder that the 4th annual Games for Change conference will feature a mixed-reality panel today on "virtual activism" at 10:15AM EST. Games for Change brings together game developers, industry experts, academics and non-profits to discuss how to use digital games to promote social change.

Furnishing No No's

I was working on trying to furnish the WESTAF office last night. I looked into the "object" containing all manner of lamps and lights and quite by accident clothed myself with a myriad of lighting objects in one fell swoop. This was the outcome...



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