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Habeas Corpus Rally today at 12 noon EST in DC and Second Life!

I just got word that the American Civil Liberties Union is sponsoring a rally in Washington DC today to call for the restoration of habeas corpus and and end to torture in Guantanamo Bay.  For those who can't make it there, you can still participate by teleporting into the Second Life Capitol Hill and join other virtual demonstrators in a show of support for the rule of law and due process.  Entitled

International SL meetup today at 9AM PST on the crisis in Darfur

In Kenzo sends me news that there will be an international meetup on Better World Island  (teleport SLURL) to talk about the ongoing crisis in Darfur and what folks can do about it.  That's at 9AM PST / 12PM EST, 6PM CET today.

Virtual Worlds Are Platforms for Good!

I wanted to highlight a couple of observations that Lucy Bernholz makes in her analysis of yesterday's discussion about philanthropy in Second Life by the MacArthur Foundation.   She points out why this was such a groundbreaking event and suggests a compelling new metaphor for philanthropy:

Who wants to take a swing at this?

This gentleman is one of the voices of the anti-SL backlash, or at least he is very critical of what we are doing and questions its value. Beth, Creech and I have taken swings. He has volleyed back. Who is next on the list to take a swing?

Here's his blahhhhg:
White Courtesy Telephone

MacArthur Foundation Event Live Blog Post

I just came from an historic and ground breaking event.  I don't know if I'm still shaking from the excitement or the hour long multi-tasking frenzy of listening to a live audio feed, seeing a stream, reading a chat history, answering ims, and taking notes!

TechSoup's Nonprofit Commons and Beth Kanter in New York Times today!

The New York Times covered our group and project in today's NY Times. Here's the blurb about our group:

More than 30 nonprofits have opened offices in a virtual business incubator in Second Life called the Nonprofit Commons that is operated by TechSoup, a group that helps other nonprofits with technology.

Not bad for a lil' fledgling group like ourselves!

Britt Bravo's great article about the Nonprofit Commons!

Britt Bravo writes a blog called "Have Fun do good"

Here is a little bit of what she said about us:

Plus, Tech Soup (who I work for) is spearheading a Nonprofit Commons in Second Life, "a virtual community of practice for nonprofits to explore the opportunities and benefits of Second Life." Some of the 31 tenants at the Nonprofit Commons include, International Rescue Committee, (UN World Food Programme), and CARE USA. The photo is of me in the CARE office in the Nonprofit Commons.

Supernova panel yesterday-- glitteractica speaks about Nonprofit Commons

So, yesterday I spoke at Supernova about the Nonprofit Commons and about Nonprofits in SL. The reception was warm. Questions that people asked:

    Can you make appointments in SL?
  • How can you be sure where people are located when they are just typing instead of talking?
  • are organizations really making this sustainable?

    Here are a couple blog entries about the Where's The Innovation panel that I spoke on:
    David Weinberger's Joho Blog

Update on MacArthur talk on philanthropy and virtual worlds tomorrow at 9AM

Here's a reminder that tomorrow, June 22, at 9AM PST, Jonathan Fanton, the president of the MacArthur Foundation, and Philip Rosedale, CEO of Linden Labs, will come in-world for a conversation on the role of philanthropy in virtual worlds. I just got another message about the event with a new location and dropped in to check it out.

Invitation: noWomannoLife Island opening

Invitation to noWomannoLife Island Opening

noWomannoLife invites you to the opening of its Island on June 21, 8.30am

noWomannoLife ( is a Swiss foundation active in the
support of Mediterranean women, and seed ( an NGO
promoting the diffusion of educational tecnologies in the non profit field
built an island dedicated to the non profit world.

The challenge is not only to increase awareness of non profit activities
taking place in the RL but to involve residents in experiencing non


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.

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