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A nice directory of worksafe SL destinations: SecondLife with a purpose, other than the seedy kind

I found this site has reviews of sims and events that are the kind that our group is interested in. They are a good place to visit if you encounter a little skepticism at your organization when you are trying to preach the joy and importance of SL.

They have a health and education category, but no nonprofit-specific one. Do you all think we could be their source for this category? I found this Charity Category and I wonder if there was some way that we could cross-pollinate our sites. Any ideas?

Pride 2007 Festival coming June 24-30


Virtual Reality being used to treat soldiers' PTSD

I saw this on salon: "U.S. soldiers traumatized by Iraq are combating PTSD with a virtual reality treatment that plunges them back into the war zone."

A therapist works with soldiers as they re-experience the battlefield through virtual reality program.

Reflections on Walk the World Fight Hunger Second Life Event

From Fight Hunger's Flickr Stream.  More photos of real life and virtual world event here.

Susanne Thornqvst of Fight Hunger shared a report on the Walk the World Event on May 13th.  Rik Riel has blogged it over t here.

I did a follow up interview with Susanne to find out what they learned.

Report on "Fight Hunger: Walk the World" event on May 13

Susanne Thörnqvist sends us a report on the "Fight Hunger: Walk the World" event on May 13. She comments that "the event would not have been possible without the help of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers in Second Life and all the musicians who dedicated their time to play live for us."

Number of people attending: More than 380
Funds raised during the 24 hours event:

  • Funds raised from donation boxes 244,379 linden dollars
  • Shoe sales 2000 linden dollars
  • Total donation boxes and shoe sales 864 USD


Eventful is a social networking site that allows loose or formal groups to create gatherings. Groups can be based on physical location, interests, subjects, and events.

You can create groups or join groups that you have interest in. You can search through the many groups that are available through a system based search engine.

Free avatar makeovers for cancer survivors

The Metaverse Messenger is proud to host Digital Do Overs: Survivor Edition

What is it?
In partnership with SL Relay For Life, the Metaverse Messenger Fashion Angels will be hosting 4 makeovers over the next several weeks of in-world cancer survivors. Makeovers will be chronicled in the M2 and featured in our weekly paper.



Help achieve a world free of multiple sclerosis (MS) by soaring into the virtual world June 11th through 17th. The MS Fly - an expansion of the National MS Societyʼs successful annual walk, is an engaging and interactive adventure dedicated to ending the unpredictable and chronic disease.

Four Quick Tips to Publicize Your Non-profit Event

A key strategy for raising the visibility of your non-profit in Second Life is organizing in-world events. There are hundreds and hundreds of events occurring on a given day competing for avatars' attention and attendance. So learning how to publicize your non-profits events is an important skill to develop.

1. Use the SL Calendar

Second Life in Education Discussion

Via Cogdog Flickr Stream

Yesterday on Twitter,  Alan Levine (cogdog) started tweeting about a Stephen Downes talk in Second Life.

Cogdog barked a few tweets:


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.

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